On 24 July, 2014, The Third Party dropped its working title and became the Centre Party of Australia (aka the Centre party and CPA), a name that accurately conveys our political position.


The purpose of the Centre Party of Australia is to occupy the middle ground, being neither pro-worker/employee nor pro-industry/commerce/employer. We will frame policies with a view to what is in the best interest of all Australians.

The intention is to work with the often competing interests of other political parties and Independents in order to arrive at consensus political solutions. This is preferable to the combative style of politics of the past few years, which seems to be inevitable when there are basically two competing ideologies.

Another intention is to interrupt the periodical lurching from one dominant political ideology to a competing ideology, usually with disastrous results — such as those represented by the Liberal party’s 2014 Budget.

The Centre party’s policies in regard to “middle of the road”, candidate selection, policy formation, election promises, lobbying, donations and record keeping will be designed to address the key problems that have bedeviled Australian politics in recent years.

The party is a grass roots party. Local branch members will choose the candidates for their electorate, without interference from higher levels of executives. Members are invited to identify and help form policies. We hope this approach will restore trust and confidence in government and politicians while repairing some aspects of Australia’s democracy.

Politics has become too confrontational, rife with allegations of corruption and cronyism and voters are sick of it.

Policy ideas that appear here are not necessarily the policies the Centre party will adopt. They have been put here to stimulate discussion and to help the party form its agenda. Policy headings, content and development must come from the membership; this is fundamental to the party’s philosophy. It will sometimes be necessary to consult with outside experts and heads of government departments.

The primary motivation for forming this party is the Dreaded Duopoly. Our convenor does not believe the two-party Duopoly, with often wildly divergent policies, can govern effectively for all of Australia all of the time. One consequence of this is chaos as governments change hands, followed by many other changes.

Your constructive comments on any of the policy notes are welcomed. Corrections, additions and suggestions are also welcomed. If the Comment panel does not appear below, click on ~ Leave a Comment below and to the right of the headline. Other features will also appear when you do this.

Me2The convenor of the Centre party is Barry Tucker, a retired journalist. You can follow him on Twitter @btckr.

He also operates the TruthinNewsMedia Resource Centre and has a personal blog called The Sniper Takes Aim.

Barry has written about the need for a third major political party before.

He has also written about his spiritual beliefs.


On Twitter @3rdAUparty and #3rdauparty

On Facebook (abandoned)



3 thoughts on “About”

  1. Roger Colclough said:

    Barry go for it but be careful of infiltration. Our present parties will go to any lengths to crush a new party


    • I’m aware of the danger. Thank you Roger. Another is a hostile or sly takeover bid from within. I expect a hostile reaction from established major parties and commercial news media too.


  2. Best of luck with it all, Barry!


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