Centre party movement

Newsletter 1

February 13, 2017

My primary motivation for the establishment of a Centre party is the disruptive policy chaos created by the Duopoly of Labor and the LNP coalition.

“We have seen policies brought into place and replaced by other policies and replaced by other policies,” Mr Prosser* said. “What that means for the investment of the electricity industry is, it’s very difficult to make those investments if the ground rules are changing.”

*Australian Aluminium Council executive director Miles Prosser
Ref: http://www.abc.net.au/news/2017-02-13/industry-groups-demand-bipartisan-energy-policy/8263928

A more urgent consideration is the rise and rise of Pauline Hanson’s One Nation. This Right wing party of not-very-sensible people is likely to hold the balance of power in Queensland and Western Australia before long. Whether it will keep that position or disintegrate is something else.

  • Other considerations are:
    Fairness: a government that does not discriminate against minority groups or favour one sector over another.
  • Balance: Policies that provide for the growth and prosperity of Industry, Business and Labour and welfare for those in need.
  • Corruption: Zero tolerance of corruption in all levels of government and within the party’s ranks.
  • Indigenous: Recognition of the world’s oldest continuing culture and elimination of unfair treatment of the Australian Aborigine.
  • Education: A goal of providing the world’s leading education system, from kindergarten to university, at a lower cost than at present.
  • Welfare: Australia has a proud tradition of providing welfare and pensions to those in need. Innovative ways will be found to ensure that such payments are sustainable and can continue. Incentives will be provided to industry and business that contribute to employee welfare.
  • News Media: Journalists will be encouraged to return to objective and professional reporting, possibly with the provision of a significant award for the best examples. Rupert Murdoch will be forced to divest a large portion of his Australian news media holdings so that there is a more equitable balance in Australian news media. The ABC will be enshrined in some manner and guaranteed of no interference and no censorship by any government.
  • Defence: A review of the Australian/USA defence alliance to ensure Australian forces do not “automatically” follow US forces into combat. An assurance that the USA will defend Australia (not guaranteed at present). Allied to this, an Act will be passed to guarantee no involvement of Australian military forces overseas unless approved by a majority vote of Parliament.

The above policy pointers are what I would like to see introduced, providing they stand up to scrutiny, including Constitutional, legal, industrial and legislative scrutiny. However, I am not a dictator. Policies will be thrashed out and decided by membership. A full range of policies is required.

None of these policies, or any other policies, are possible without the means for the government to pay for them over the long-term (sustainability). This must always be a prime consideration when framing policies.

All members of the Centre party movement are entitled to put forward policy suggestions, changes, corrections, views – either as notes, briefs or fully fledged policy papers.

Party rules: I am writing up a set of party rules for consideration, debate, addition, correction and adoption. Main considerations will be:

Loyalty: Party members must have no allegiance to any other political party. Disloyalty, corruption and indiscretion will trigger immediate dismissal and, in the case of candidates or MPs, legal action to recover monies spent on them.

Policies: The party Constitution, Rules of Conduct and Policies will be decided by financial members meeting in conference and/or represented by proxy where applicable.

Candidates: Candidates for election to State and Federal Parliaments will be resident within the electorate they wish to represent and, preferably, will have been resident for at least two years. Candidates will be chosen by electorate selection committees who will be free of interference from upline executives of the party.

As with policies, the Rules of Conduct are not yet set in concrete. Feel free to comment and contribute.

I hope this newsletter provides you with useful information to use when discussing the Centre party movement with people who might be interested in joining us. This movement is being designed to counter and correct some of the major failings with politics in Australia.

Barry Tucker, Convenor, Centre party movement.